Adventure of a Lifetime

African Sea Divers,strives to make scuba diving accessible to people with disabilities, allowing them to experience the freedom, tranquility, and beauty of the underwater world. This programme utilises specialised equipment, techniques, and training to accommodate the specific needs of each diver.Participating in adaptive scuba diving can provide people with disabilities with a sense of freedom, empowerment, and connection to the underwater environment. It offers an opportunity for personal growth, increased self-confidence, and the chance to overcome challenges. Furthermore, it promotes inclusivity within the scuba diving community by embracing divers of all abilities.


The programme is open to all medically qualified physically to people with disabilities whom have not had scuba training since their injury or disease. As long as you meet the basic medical criteria for scuba diving, you may try out adaptive scuba diving. People with amputations, spinal cord injuries, those with hearing loss or vision impairment are most welcome to enrol. Regardless of your specific diagnosis or impairment, as long as you can hold a regulator in your mouth, breathe unaided and aren’t too terrified of water, you are encouraged to try out adaptive scuba diving.

Dive Stories: Bryan Anderson

Triple Amputee and military veteran, Bryan Anderson is committed to sharing his story in order to help others overcome personal limitations and live their best life. By becoming a PADI Open Water Diver, Bryan hopes to inspire others to follow his example and experience the underwater world. “If you've had that thought like you might want to go dive and you're stopping yourself because your mind is stopping you and you think you can't, I want to show you that you can.”


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